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The Story of Shenandoah Films | An Indian-Owned Enterprise

Shenandoah Films was founded in 1970 by Vern Korb and Carol Lewis to produce slideshows, filmstrips, 16mm motion pictures and video presentations for tribal clients on and near the isolated Redwood Coast of Northern California.  For 30 years, residents of the small college town of Arcata would pass by the large redwood burl slab that adorned the company's name at its original location on South G Street.  The company was for many years Indian-owned and operated, amassing a production portfolio of more than fifty films and videos, each exploring different aspects and perspectives of the rejuvenation of local and distant Native American cultures, in a time period known for it's spirit of awakening and fervent desire to restore and protect fading traditions for future generations (roughly 1970-2000).  

On this website you will discover several of the original documentary films produced by Shenandoah Film Productions in association with various Tribal, State and Federal organizations.  Over the years, producers of other film and video content focused on the American Indian, Alaska Native and Canadian First Nations cultures sought co-distribution with our films.  Thus began the current iteration of Shenandoah Films, a catalog of over 100 historically significant video presentations focused on the indigenous cultures of North America.  Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact us for more information.

Shenandoah Film Productions