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Magic on the Water

Magic on the Water


Magic on the Water is a one hour feature documentary capturing poignant stories of the Okanagan first peoples. It was only up until a century ago when the Syilx Nation exclusively, inhabited the captivating beaches and fertile lands of the Okanagan valley. This prime time one hour special for television features a visual feast of beautifully crafted interior cottonwood paddles dipping their ores into the crystal clear lakes and rivers throughout the pristine Interior of British Columbia.

Magic on the Water explores the vibrant art, history and oral traditions of the Okanagan first people as they share vivid testimonials revealing their rich heritage, language and culture. Magic on the Water is the art of storytelling through the journey of a one hundred year old canoe culminating in the return of the salmon to Okanagan shores, nestled in the interior of British Columbia. Ancient historical songs composed by Juno nominee and traditional ensemble Turning Earth Collective members Jeannette Armstrong, Delphine Derickson and Richard Armstrong accompany the documentary.

The documentary describes the biodiversity of ancient rivers, creeks, streams and beaches throughout of the Okanagan Valley in rich storytelling tradition.  Magic on the Water is a cinematic experience capturing the sounds and colors of vivid landscapes revealing the beauty and essence of the territorial lands of the Okanagan First Peoples. The Sylix Nation share their testimonials of laughter, struggle, and pain as they strive to survive and to restore their traditional systems of governance and leadership in a modern world.

COMPANY : Straight Arrow Productions

DIRECTOR : Tracey Kim Jack Bonneau


RUN TIME : 48 minutes

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